Hi, I'm Joe Carter - a graduate student from Trinity Saint David: Swansea (formerly Swansea Metropolitan University). I studied Software Engineering and have both a HND and a BSc in it.

I enjoy messing around with software as a hobby, and enjoy both the extremely low level stuff and high. Usually spend my time playing around with various python libraries, javascript libraries and as of late node.js.

I love opensource software and have always been using Linux (usually Debian) along the side, but have just started using it full-time. Before university, I used to develop software in Java as a hobby (small amount published on my GitHub account).

CV More readable as a PDF or HTML

I am currently looking for work, so if you have any decent offers (especially around Swansea in Wales) then feel free to contact me. I have a pretty (and more printable) version of this info available at http://ylt.github.io/cv/cv.pdf (html version: http://ylt.github.io/cv/)

Recent Projects

I have worked on many more projects over the years, so this is just a small selection.

2015 Grommit (and Wallace) https://github.com/WritheM/Wallace
Grommit is a modular node.js plugin and event system (in Wallace repository for now), allows loading,
unloading and refreshing of plugins

Wallace is a bot implementation ontop of Grommit that takes advantage of the flexible behaviour.
2014–2015 Major project (2:1): LaTeX editor https://github.com/ylt/LaTeX-Editor
A web-based LaTeX editor. A lexer and parser which allowed creating an object view of document, which was
then transformed into XML, this was then styled via css. Edits could be transferred back to LaTeX by
reversing the process: reading in the DOM and generating LaTeX code.
2014 AWESOME https://github.com/bbrks/AWESOME
Implemented the key functionalities in the initial stages. AWESOME is a questionnaire system that provides personalised questions for each user based upon their
modules. It was implemented as regular PHP with Twig being used for views.

Work Experience

2011Present Innotex http://innotex.co.uk
Development and Sysadmin, responsible for deploying and running the servers and am on-call for any issues.
Develop web applications (such as the new notification system) and also responsible for fixing existing
applications in the case of emergencies.
2010 Bluestone http://www.bluestonewales.com
GCSE work experience: basic network admin, itemised inventory, set up the DHCP virtual machine management
(safely power down on signal from UPS). Learnt about VLANS, etc.


Sysadmin: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS
Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Travis, Gradle
Platforms: Django, Symfony, Twisted, Drupal, Nodejs
Programming Languages: PHP, Javascript 5 + 6, Python, Java, Bash, C, C++
Other Technologies: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd